Recreation Campaign

Client: University of West Florida Recreation

Design and Art Direction. This is a 24-page, half-letter size booklet that motivates students to check out the services and programs that Recreation offers. This was a major project, both for our client, and also for my student team and me. See below for a summary of the whole process.

first Pitch to final:

We delivered the final booklet ahead of schedule and under budget.

  • Initial concept was pitched to me by our Senior Associate Director for Marketing and Communications, Melissa Puckett.

  • Recreation asked for a campaign to tie together their marketing and establish them as an on-campus presence. We seized the opportunity to pitch Ms. Puckett’s idea as a solution.

  • Ms. Puckett created a rough draft of this booklet (written copy and visual draft) and pitched it to the Recreation staff - they loved it.

  • Recreation set a budget for the project and set a deadline that would let them have the project in-hand by our new-student orientation. I determined what format would be appropriate for the set budget.

  • Recreation staff provided valuable, detailed feedback based on Ms. Puckett’s pitch that lead to my creating a rough black and white version of this booklet.

    • I set up photoshoots with student models, and then trained student staff on protocols for photoshoots as well as guidelines for the photos we needed for this project.

    • RJ Lund, our student photographer, set up several additional photoshoots and shot the remaining photos we needed. A large portion of the photography in this booklet is his work.

    • I worked up a rough draft and presented it to Ms. Puckett. Once that was revised and approved, I finalized the design and sent it to Recreation for approval.

  • Recreation approved the design and content.

  • I sent the print-ready file to the vendor and assisted Recreation in placing the order.

To minimize time spent on revisions, we worked in three stages, getting client approval after each stage. Below is the progression of one of the pages in the book.

(Left) initial pitch. (Middle) rough draft to solidify layout. (Right) Final.

Design process:

By Melissa Puckett

By Melissa Puckett