Competitive Sports Schedule Promotion

Client: University of West Florida Competitive Sports

CS wanted a piece that was approachable, but that also gave students an in-depth look at how to participate in Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs. I recommended a french fold brochure that included the fall and spring schedule, initial interest meeting information, as well as sign-up directions for both programs. These brochures were given out to students at the new-student orientation and at tabling events throughout the year.




Take a study break with Intramural Sports!

Concept: Intramural Sports wanted to position itself less as a cut-throat competition, and more as a program that facilitates friendly game play for busy students. I came up with the concept and designed these bookmarks to reinforce the casual nature of Intramurals to our students.

Deployment: I worked with our campus bookstore and library to have them distribute these bookmarks to students buying or checking-out books. Intramural Sports worked with on-campus housing to give bookmarks away to freshmen during the new-student orientation sessions.