Group Fitness and Personal Training promotion

Client: University of West Florida Recreation | Fitness

Instructor bios, personal trainer bios, Group Fitness class schedules. These bio pages are displayed in the Recreation facility’s hallway to introduce the staff and to make them recognizable and approachable to gym patrons. The bios include fitness related information as well as fun facts about each person.

I worked with Recreation staff to coordinate the photoshoots and to get the bio information from each instructor and personal trainer. I shot and edited the photos, designed the layout, and worked with my supervisor to copy edit the bios to give them all a consistent tone.

18_584 Group Fitness Bios_F_Page_01.jpg
18_584 Group Fitness Bios_F_Page_08.jpg
18_584 Group Fitness Bios_F_Page_11.jpg
19_720 Personal Trainer Bios2.jpg


18_584 Group Fitness Bios_F_Page_04.jpg
18_584 Group Fitness Bios_F_Page_09.jpg
19_720 Personal Trainer Bios.jpg
19_720 Personal Trainer Bios7.jpg
18_584 Group Fitness Bios_F_Page_02.jpg
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Group Fitness schedules for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

One of the pain points for Recreation is that students are opting to go off-campus and pay for the same services we offer. There’s a perception that because our gym is largely student-run, it’s less professional and lesser quality. Our strategy to combat this is to make each point of contact with our target audience as professional as possible. I designed these group fitness schedules to replace the ones Recreation staff was producing each semester using templates. My student team that I oversee updates these schedules as needed.

18_357 Group Fitness Schedule Fall.jpg