French Folded Brochure

Client: University of West Florida Outdoor Adventures

Design and Art Direction. OA offers seven different programs, which is a lot for new students to take in. One of the barriers to participation that we identified for OA is that not all of the information out there was consistent, up-to-date or even accurate. This brochure serves as a template for all marketing materials produced for OA during the fall, and also gives students the information they need in bite-size, digestible chunks.


Notes about production:

  • Worked with OA staff to curate and write the copy for this brochure. I oversee all marketing materials for OA, and I am able to ensure the language that’s used on this piece is used throughout their marketing.

  • Our student photographer RJ Lund coordinated and went on a photoshoot to get the photography we needed for this piece. He shot the Bike Shop and Outdoor Center photo.

  • I designed the brochure in time to order and give to students at the new-student orientation.