Disc Golf course tee pad signs

Client: University of West Florida Outdoor Adventures

12’ x 18’ aluminum tee pad signs installed on the Pensacola campus 21-hole disc golf course. Below are all 21 signs and a description of the components that make these signs easy for players to use.


Disc golf pin
Tee pad sign on disc golf course


This is what the disc flight path on hole 16 looks like.
The concrete slab on the bottom of the photo is the tee pad for advanced players. You can see the pin at the end of the tree tunnel, it’s currently in position ‘A’. Players use the sign (shown on the right) to note that in the A position, this is a Par 3 hole, and that if they throw from the concrete slab, it’s a 380 foot throw.


This is the tee pad sign for the hole pictured on the left.


Here are all of the tee signs!



Client: University of West Florida Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures (OA) expanded their existing disc golf course and needed some large-scale permanent signage to increase awareness about the course to increase usage. I designed three panels that will be printed on blank signs provided by UWFs’ Facilities department.

One of the major factors for this project requiring coordination between multiple departments at UWF, was that this kiosk needed to comply with university signage rules while still visually standing apart. The signs are currently in production and are scheduled for installation July 2019.


The bottom left and bottom middle section of this map panel was designed to allow space for two acrylic frames like the one pictured below to be mounted (from Amazon).

The frame on the right will hold information about the current pin locations for each hole (either A or B).

The frame on the left will have disc golf related information such as tournament dates and upcoming special events.